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Yayy! BristolCon is on again. A small but perfectly-formed sf/fantasy convention all of our own. If you do sf and live Round These Parts, you need to be there. Expect more naggage about this between now and Nov. Advertisements

Don’t you ever wonder about what all the people who lived in your house before you were like? No, me neither. Odd, isn’t it? Home is where most people live out their most private moments. Home is where we are more like ourselves than anywhere else. And yet when we die, or move out, there’s […]

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Gather ye round younglings, for I shall tell you a tale of older, braver times. Times when the all-for-spent postal delivery person arrived daily at the offices of newspapers, magazines and telly stations burdened down by a sackload of brazen embarrassments. The journalist’s life was once a little simpler because public relations people had to […]

Had a bit of snow lately, and everyone complains about the country grinding to a halt, government or council not being prepared etc. Well there’s the English for you. Nothing better than a bit of weather and a bit of complaining. (Though I say this as someone who has yet to slip over on an […]

A mere 15 years after moving into the current Byrne Towers, my office/study is being niced up. New doors, windows, carpets, fancy bookshelves, the lot. Lots of the old stuff is going out. The filing cabinet, most of the contents of the filing cabinet, the tatty old chair, most of the crap in the desk […]

Well here we go. New year, new decade. I’m gonna try this blogging thing for a while and see where it takes us.