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So … Having discovered that Google Street View pretty much gave the whole wide world a good look at the back of the house, and pretty much all of the garden, I asked them nicely to remove it. Which indeed they have done.All you have to do is click on the bit where it says […]

To recap: Tesco bought the site of a former comedy club on Bristol’s  Cheltenham Road, a sort of rough/boho part of town next to an even rougher area that’s being sort of turned around thanks to the efforts of the local community and a stupendous amount of street art. So really, it’s the mark of […]

Suddenly, virtually every last corner of the UK is covered by Google Street View. Until last week, it only came up as far as the road next to ours. This was disappointing in the sense that our road wasn’t interesting enuff for Google’s snoopmobile, but good in the sense that we had time to prepare. […]