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So then … Need summat to do in Bristol this Bank Holiday weekend? How about going to hang around in a Cemetery? That’ll be Arnos Vale, then, our very own Victorian necropolis, meaning “city of the dead”, which is exactly what it is, a parallel to the city of the living outside. There are many […]

So I’m due to chair a hustings meeting for candidates from the four main parties for a Bristol constituency this evening. I’ve never done this before, but I’ve been on enough panels at sf conventions to have a stark losing-sleep-style terror of silence. Obviously the politicians will be fine – you just wind ’em up […]

If there is a hell, then one of its outermost circles is undoubtedly modelled on one of the larger British airports, with uncomfortable seating, overpriced tat shops and several groups of grumpy, exhausted, hung-over blokes, not to mention the obligatory parties of slightly overweight women with sparkly cowboy-hats and T-Shirts telling us they’re travelling to/from […]

Merry April 1. If you don’t live in, or near, Bristol, you can ignore the rest of this. Otherwise, I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you that this week’s Venue mag comes with a free copy of Days Out 2010, the only guide you’ll need if you like visiting countryside, ancient ruins, stately […]