PR Spam. Again


According to the blog stats, not many people were interested when I mentioned the problem of public relations spam a while back. Just because nobody cares about the avalanche of mostly irrelevant press releases the humble hack receives is no reason why you shouldn’t share my pain. Here be some more from recent weeks:

* BRITS FLOCK TO NEW YORK, ORLANDO AND BANGKOK THIS SUMMER (Press release from some travel company)

* 41% DROP IN FLIGHT SEARCHES TO BANGKOK (Press release from the same company the very next day)

* Here’s one headed: EUGENE, MEDIA RELEASE: WHAT IS THE HOTTEST TREND IN WEDDINGS? (Eugene doesn’t care!!)

* UK FEELS THE WRATH OF UMBRELLA RAGE (Apparently a survey of 2,000 UK residents “has revealed that a new wave of fury is sweeping the UK … Umbrella Rage. Umbrella Rage comes in many guises; with over 75% of Brits having been left feeling genuinely stressed when in a crowd of umbrella users.” Etc. From some umbrella company, obviously.)

* FLAT LOCKS? A HAIR-RAISING SOLUTION. “Audrey Hepburn. Cheryl Cole. Eva Mendes. What do these women have in common? Big hair. Channel your inner Cheryl using Bumpits. These hair volumising leave-in inserts mean you’ll go from flat to fabulous in seconds.”

(Bum-pits!?? As a hair and beauty journalist with, er, no experience at all, I advise you to change that name.)

* But this month’s winner, combining high-minded importance with monumental irrelevance to the recipient is this:
“This year’s joint congress of the ERA-EDTA and the German Nephrology Society will be held in Munich, Germany, from 25 June to 28 June 2010. The Congress is jointly organised by the ERA-EDTA (European Renal Association and European Dialysis and Transplant Association) and the German Nephrology Society (DGfN). You are cordially invited to attend this Congress.”

Why thank you. I don’t know much about kidneys and kidney disease, but I love Munich. Will you pay my travel and hotel if I come?

Some months ago, some PR company did a survey which found that 78% of all press releases were irrelevant to recipients. That’s be about right. More here:


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