England (again)


Has someone died or something? Everyone’s looking all gloomy and depressed, and the colourful red and white bunting in many streets seems to have disappeared.

There’s more to England than football, you know.

One of the great things about England is, frinstance, the middle classes’ love of pretending to be working class. Some do this by pretending they’ve been football supporters all their lives. Others impersonate a long-deceased rural proletariat by morris dancing or singing folk songs.

[One wonders if 100 years hence, enthusiasts will travel by bicycle to estates to “collect” the authentic music of the 20th century working classes which they will then perform at soirees: “This one’s called The Birdie Song and Tristram and I have arranged it for piano and violin.”]

Oh, I’m only pulling your legs, folkies.

Here’s some quintessential Englishry to cheer everyone up. A song about “woman as deceiver” as performed by two chaps who really wouldn’t know anything about that sort of thing …


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