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Purdown Percy


I’ve always been fascinated by old wartime sites. Probably goes back to exploring pillboxes along the Somerset coast as a kid. So I’m not so much of an amateur that I don’t know Rule One, which is: Don’t Bother In Summer. Because there’s way more vegetation in the way in summer, especially brambles. You can’t […]

Ratshit Straps


You know what he means, I know what he means, he knows what he means, but I’m pretty sure those straps are made of nylon. We’re going to Pickering Steam Fair, they said. Traction engines, they said. Great, I said through gritted teeth, but ended up having a great time. … It’s like Glastonbury Festival […]

Can today possible get any better? The sun shines, the roofers only arrived an hour late, I have a ticket to see William Gibson at the Watershed in October, and then this arrived: This here is the Serbian edition of Back in the USSA, a related collection of long short stories by myself, Judzin Bern, […]

I am, quite literally, excited. William Gibson is coming to Bristol and I have a ticket. Have been asked to spread the word. So here is the word: William Gibson Zero History 6 October 2010, 18.15-19.30 Watershed Media Centre, Bristol “His new book, Zero History, set largely in London, spookily captures the paranoia and fear […]

The great thing about local history is just when you think you have a good grasp of it, something startling comes along. Like the forgotten (and possibly suppressed) tale of mass-squatting in the postwar era. I want to do some more work on this, and get some eyewitness accounts, but here’s the outline story for […]