Ratshit Straps


You know what he means, I know what he means, he knows what he means, but I’m pretty sure those straps are made of nylon.

We’re going to Pickering Steam Fair, they said. Traction engines, they said. Great, I said through gritted teeth, but ended up having a great time.

… It’s like Glastonbury Festival for working class northerners who love things with engines, and who have probably devoted their lives to things with engines. The star attractions are meant to be the traction engines, which are indeed things of immense beauty (and constantly underrated historical importance), but there are cars, motorbikes, buses, military vehicles and trucks, too.

Plus a lot of people selling what looks like junk, but which is obviously transport-related treasure to some folk. The stories of tens of thousands of anonymous, decent and useful working lives are all here.

If the sight of a lovingly restored/maintained vehicle with a Scammel badge on the radiator doesn’t make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, you just don’t understand. If it does, you want to go there next year. You really do.


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