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This week’s edition of Venue includes a big fluffy article about guilty pleasures, to which I contributed a bit. There wasn’t the space for all of what follows, but I thought it deserved a wider airing. This here is the full transcript, lightly edited, of an interview I did with ‘Eddie Brown’. Names have been […]

And so to the City Museum for the opening of Flight – 100 years of the Bristol Aeroplane Company, an exhibition marking the centenary of aircraft manufacture in the city. (PDF of programme here.) It’s a splendid little show, complete with aero-engines, a full-size replica of a Bristol Babe biplane (pictured), built for the leisure […]

This here is something I came across when looking for something else altogether. Da youth in Bristol playing chicken in the 1950s. Wonder if this was a proper craze, and whether it was always known locally as “Za-za”, or whether it was only a name cooked up by these two irresponsible young ruffians (now pensioners, […]