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Last week, energy secretary Chris Huhne ruled out government financial support for the long-proposed Severn barrage. Running from Weston-super-Mare to South Wales, it would harness the tidal power of the Severn to generate almost 5% of the UK’s current electricity demand, at a cost of £30bn-£35bn English. New nuclear power stations, any one of which […]

I’ve long been fascinated by local history, the weirder the better. While Big History like Brunel and Cabot and the Slave Trade are important, and tell us a lot about the old place, it’s the little things that can often tell us more. A city that’s a thousand years old, where millions of people have […]

So … you live in Bristol and you’ve got people visiting you for the weekend. You do Sunday lunch, after which it’s traditional for everyone to go for a walk across the Suspension Bridge. I only mention this because the weather forecast suggests the coming Sunday might be the last gasp of summer. But to […]