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The “Evening Post Building” as it’s always called – even though it’s home to a firm now called Bristol News & Media (BNM) – is a landmark everyone takes for granted. Everyone knows it as the home of the local paper. Everyone under 40 who was ever a kid in Bristol will remember telling their […]

In the previous post I promised not to try and sell you anything. Well, sorry, but I’m about to get all Liberal Democrat on you. The new Bristol Blitz tour iPhone app what I wrote is now available from the store. You really want to buy it, you so do. It makes the perfect gift […]

Dark Spires, an anthology of speculative fiction set in Wessex, is now available online from publishers Wizard’s Tower Press.It’s got a story in by me. My first foray into writing proper fiction per se in several years. This, you feel, is what one version of the future of literature looks like. Go to the WT […]

I don’t normally say this, but this week’s Venue has a thing in it by me which some will find interesting, so buy it if you live round these parts. Through a series of historic accidents, and the changes to the UK media industry in recent years, Bristol could well soon be the new Fleet […]

According to a BBC report, the family of John Horwood are claiming the return of his remains so he can be given a decent burial. The Horwood case is a classic example of the sort of injustice that the poor have always experienced. Even by the savage standards of more brutal times, it stands out […]

BristolCon. It’s this coming Saturday. It has all manner of science ficitonal and fantastical fun. You should be there. Guests include Paul Cornell who, if you’re not that into sf, wrote some Dr Who episodes, and who is an exceptionally nice man. Also fantasy novelist Joe Abercrombie, whom I’ve never met but whose biog on […]