Modern publishing

Dark Spires, an anthology of speculative fiction set in Wessex, is now available online from publishers Wizard’s Tower Press.It’s got a story in by me. My first foray into writing proper fiction per se in several years.
This, you feel, is what one version of the future of literature looks like. Go to the WT online shop and you can buy the paperback for £8.99, or download an electronic version for £2.99.
But the best touch of all … You can also opt to make a voluntary donation to help the starving authors! Colin Harvey, who edited the book, explains: “customers can tip the authors … and that will be split by proportionate length of story at the end of each quarter, irrespective of whether advances have earned out.” Woo-hoo! Free money!!
Go on. Buy the book. And make a donation. You know you want to.
That’s twice in a week you’ve hassled to part with your money. Next post will be about free stuff. Honest.

One Response to “Modern publishing”

  1. 1 Eve Wood-Langford

    Modern publishing has certainly transformed the purchasing of books, but it is now extremely difficult to get a one published at all. I failed to get a publisher for a new hypothesis on the forward base of Arthur of Britain – though the proposal made sense and was not without backing. Subsequently a book on the Unitarian view of the beautiful Eden myth – which transforms its orthodox interpretation – was rejected by all. Fortunately, it is not too expensive now to have books published – but as I am not good at selling these books wilI have no readers. Perhaps it was better in the old days when, so I am informed, to publish a book was less difficult in the first place.
    Eve Wood-Langford

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