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Bristol Blitz homepageIn the previous post I promised not to try and sell you anything. Well, sorry, but I’m about to get all Liberal Democrat on you.

The new Bristol Blitz tour iPhone app what I wrote is now available from the store. You really want to buy it, you so do. It makes the perfect gift for … oh, sod it, here’s the press release:

New iPhone App Takes You Back to Bristol’s Blitz

November 26 2010

An iPhone app released this week takes users on a tour of some of the most important locations in Bristol’s Blitz, using archive pictures and film to help users understand the dramatic effect that Hitler’s bombers had on the city.

Bristol: The Blitz and the City We Lost re-creates the sights and atmosphere of the busy, cramped streets of the old city, as it was on the eve of the Blitz. It takes you through the events of the winter of 1940-41 and looks at the way they changed Bristol.

You can use the app either by browsing it on the phone, or walk it as a tour. The tour uses the phone’s GPS to play the appropriate audio clips and archive images and films in the right places as you walk around.

It’s a leisurely walk, which mostly avoids busy and noisy streets, and takes 50-60 minutes. There are tips to help wheelchair users or parents with buggies avoid steps.

Bristol: The Blitz and the City We Lost was made by Interactive Places at Bristol’s Pervasive Media Studio. It is an all-Bristolian project; the software used to create it was produced by Calvium, who are also based at Pervasive Media.

It was researched and written by local historian and journalist Eugene Byrne, who says: “In many ways, the Blitz is a hidden part of Bristol’s history, and of course, 70 years on, it’s now starting to fade from our collective memory.

“But it was one of the most dramatic and traumatic episodes in all of Bristol’s history. Most people using this app will be amazed at the changes the Blitz brought about. Not just through bombing, but also the well-meaning, but sometimes wayward, decisions of postwar planners.”

Tom Bennett, Creative Director at Interactive Places says: “This is a great way for locals and visitors alike to explore some of Bristol’s secret places, and find out more about what they used to look like.”

“A tour guided by GPS is something different. It brings together the capabilities of new mobile technology – location sensitive, video, audio, choices via touchscreen – with top-quality content. It builds on the more familiar audio-tour, but with some big, and exciting differences.

The app uses old pictures and archive film footage from before and during the war, supplied by Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery and the Bristol Record Office.

“They were very helpful,” says Tom. “They have a huge wealth of material and made it as easy as possible for us to add it. We couldn’t have done it without them.”

Bristol: The Blitz and the City We Lost, is available now from the Apple iStore, price £1.79. See http://tinyurl.com/24fc5rs


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