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Free books!


Hey, hey, d’you like the snazzy red leather cover I got for the Kindle for Christmas? It’s all, like, red, and leathery and has a clever arrangement of red leathery bits that mean you can prop it up and stuff. I’ve had the actual Kindle for a couple of months now and I rather like […]

If you’re in Bristol or Bath, you might want to get the bumper Christmas two-week special edition of Venue, which comes complete with all manner of things, including a review of the news and ishoos of 2010 Round These Parts, some of it by me. You can indeed read some of it on the Venue […]

You know how you get days when you start out doing one thing and your brain and interest get diverted into summat else. Today was such a day. But a day when you find out something new and interesting is never a complete waste. So have it anyway: The old-fashioned looking pub in Broad Street […]

All personnel at the Evening Post building were evacuated at around 10am this morning following the unexpected collapse of the roof of the old printing hall. The printing hall is currently being demolished anyway, but the roof cave-in was unexpected. I only arrived after the incident (I’m not really a “morning person”, you know) but […]

Good cause


Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal, the charity for the Bristol Children’s Hospital recently launched the Cots for Tots campaign, which aims to raise £1m to help save the lives of critically ill new-born babies across the South West. There’s now a seasonal fundraising campaign called ‘Tinsel for Tots’ which comes complete with a short film […]

For some years now I’ve been a contributor to the very wonderful BBC History magazine. I write the occasional feature, but more frequenltly answer readers’ recondite queries about various things – you know, stuff like whether there was really a tax on windows (yes, and it was quite sensible), whether or not Victorians covered the […]