Several tonnes of clunking metaphor come crashing down


All personnel at the Evening Post building were evacuated at around 10am this morning following the unexpected collapse of the roof of the old printing hall.

The printing hall is currently being demolished anyway, but the roof cave-in was unexpected.

I only arrived after the incident (I’m not really a “morning person”, you know) but according to some people who saw it, it made one hell of a noise, there was a huge amount of dust, and the driver of one of the demolition vehicles only just managed to escape in time.

The unexpected collapse is possibly the result of unusual construction techniques due to the building’s ambitious design. But that’s just speculation.

Three fire appliances attended the scene, but were not required. There were no casualties and everyone was allowed in again at around 10.35am following an extended fag break. I went to do some Christmas shopping.

The office part of the building (which is not being demolished) has been certified safe for occupation.

This report is as a public service to Bristolians as I see the city’s leading conspiracy theorist leaping to conclusions about it on Bristol Indymedia.

Nothing to see here. Move along now. If you want to make cracks about metaphors for the state of the regional press that’s your business.


2 Responses to “Several tonnes of clunking metaphor come crashing down”

  1. 1 thebristolblogger

    Surely it was the work of the Latvian anarchists who have infiltrated the University of Bristol Union?

    • Either that, or it was all planned by the Freemasons and MI6, working on behalf of the Lizard People, back when it was being built. But don’t expect to see any coverage of that in the Evening Post or Points West either.

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