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Venue – pledge now! OK team, here’s the plan: Venue is looking for people to pledge to subscribe; you don’t have to actually part with any money or give credit card details or anything at this stage. All we want is for people to say they would take out a subscription if the magazine continues […]

Had to go to Plymouth today (the National Marine Aquarium is overrated, if you ask me; a visit to our own local Bristol Aquarium is better, and spares you the two-hour drive down the tramp’s heartbreak that is the M5) and switched off the phone to temporarily escape the madness of the last 36 hours. […]

Staff and freelance contributors were told today that Venue, Bristol and Bath’s what’s on magazine, is likely to close with the publication of issue 962 on March 16. The twin causes of this are declining sales and – much more important – a catastrophic falling-off in advertising revenue in recent months. Since the word got […]

During the last ten years of the Ceauşescu regime in Romania (it fell in December 1989), a very remarkable man named Calin Stefanescu conducted a very remarkable study of jokes. Stefanescu worked as an engineer on the Bucharest public transport system, and thus travelled around the city a lot and earwigged people’s conversations as he […]

I mention this since family and friends still think I’m the go-to guy if they need a CV writing, and I’ve had a few calls lately. Many, many years agom back when a previous Conservative administration was creating mass unemployment, I occasionally did some copywriting jobs for an outplacement agency. The firm’s services were hired […]