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This makes me want to laugh/cry … So anyways, we’re all pretty much agreed that we need to do something about providing for our future energy needs, right? Some folks say we need nuclear power, and some folks are dead against it, and of course the recent events in Japan just add fuel (caesium, uranium, […]

Sorry. This blog has gone all quiet lately, which is unconscionable of me given the huge number of hits it was getting over the planned closure of Venue magazine. Sorry about that. I have several excuses. So anyway, as of right now the plan is that Venue will continue publishing for a few weeks more, […]

This one continues to run and run … Just as Bristol City Council approves plans for Sainsburys’ proposed supermarket at Ashton Gate (in spite of planning officers’ recommendation that they be rejected) it turns out that the other big obstacle to the Bristol City FC’s stadium plans just got bigger. According to a letter seen […]