Ashton Vale town green sensation!


This one continues to run and run … Just as Bristol City Council approves plans for Sainsburys’ proposed supermarket at Ashton Gate (in spite of planning officers’ recommendation that they be rejected) it turns out that the other big obstacle to the Bristol City FC’s stadium plans just got bigger.

According to a letter seen by Venue mag, the mediation between BCFC and residents near the proposed site at Ashton Vale has failed.

Therefore leading environmental law firm Richard Buxton has asked the City Council as registration authority to “progress the application for the land at Ashton Vale to be registered as a village green.”

The letter recommends the Council either appeal to the Inspector using evidence gathered since the original inquiry, or take the hit and refer the original report to the Public Greens & Rights of Way Committee with a recommendation that it be adoped.

So unless the Council wants to enter into further complicated and expensive legal wrangling, it looks as though Bristol can soon boast the biggest village green in England. But no state-of-the-art stadium (plus associated shops, houses, etc.). What. A. Mess.


2 Responses to “Ashton Vale town green sensation!”

  1. 1 harryT

    The biggest town/village green in England is and will remain that in the village of Great Buckley in Essex.

    Also, the club states that the mediation is continuing.

  2. 2 Deano

    “the club states that the mediation is continuing”

    To misquote the infamous Ms Rice-Davis;
    “they would say that wouldn’t they”

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