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Today, May 25, is the feast of St Aldhelm, the unofficial patron saint of Wessex. If the region’s small but feisty band of identity campaigners ( had their way, May 25 would be a public holiday Round These Parts. And why not? He’s the most important early English Christian most people haven’t heard of. Aldhelm […]

You won’t know about this unless you’ve been there … Just off Broad Street in Bristol there’s a tiny little lane called Tailors Court. You have to look quite carefully or you’ll miss it. It’s an ancient little medieval street, one of the few survivors of the Blitz and the postwar planners. Among the many […]

Far be it from me to pontificate on matters of national import, but we do need to talk about Pippa Middleton’s arse. But first, into the time machine … It’s that Sunday in 1997 and we all wake up to the shocking news that Princess Diana has died. That morning, an electrician is stopping by […]