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This is kind of by way of an appeal. I’m currently working on a project concerning tall tales and urban legends in and around Bristol. I’m not altogether sure where this is headed; book, articles, something electronic, whatever … But the point for now is to gather together as many stories as possible. Urban myths […]

I’m a working journalist, and once hacked someone’s mobile phone. It was my own, and a work experience student showed me how to do it sometime in the late 1990s. Phone-hacking started out as a schoolkid prank; there was no particularly dark art to it. Same with finding out more intimate stuff about people; there […]

One of the things that irritates me about the posh papers at any time of year is the proliferation of up-their-own arse recipes. These invariably involve a lot of expensive ingredients, including several vegetables the average punter has never even heard of, plus hours of faffing about to produce something that looks and tastes like […]