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Aren’t buses great? You can sit on them and they take you places. They’re better than walking when it’s raining, and you can read a book or newspaper, or just look out of the window and let your mind wander. You can’t do any of that in a car. Well, you can, as long as […]

So it’s every nosy Bristolian’s favourite day of the year this coming Saturday (Sept 10th) and like every year, I’ve written a thing for Venue about how it’s every nosy Bristolian’s favourite day of the year. This year, though, just for shits ‘n’ giggles I thought I’d make an unofficial Doors Open Day Google map. […]

Concorde, designed and built in Bristol (with some assistance from Johnny Frenchman, but let’s not talk about that) tends to be written off as a stupendous waste of taxpayers’ money. Only 20 aircraft were built and was only ever operated by the British and French flag carriers. The only people who could afford to travel […]