Bristol Con


Got any plans for this coming Saturday? Interested in sf, fantasy, comics, speculative fiction and such?

Then you need Bristol-CON ’11.

It was always a bit odd that a place the size of Bristol didn’t have a proper con for years, but now, thanks to a huge amount of hard work by some very dedicated volunteers, we have one that’s not only entering its third year, but keeps getting bigger and better.

This year they’ve got a hugely impressive line-up of folks coming, including fantasy bestseller Juliet McKenna, yer classic sf artist Jim Burns, and Keith Blount, creator of Scrivener, the software specially designed for novel-writing. There’s loads more writers as well; John Meaney, Paul McAuley, Paul Cornell (whose many achievements include writing some recent Dr Who episodes and generally being the nicest man on the planet) and loads more.

I’ll be doing a turn as well, talking about some more local myths and urban legends, but don’t let that put you off.

That’s Bristol Con ’11, October 22, Ramada Hotel, Bristol. Details here.


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