A Song for Bath


Sorry, awful quiet lately. Been away a lot. Back in harness now.

Meanwhile I’ve been going through lots of old stuff for Venue’s news review of 2011 and found this. They were looking for a national anthem for Bath earlier this year (see http://www.songforbath.co.uk/), but somehow I never got round to submitting it.

Oh, I’m only pulling your leg, Bath. It’s just a bit of fun. Honest.

Oh Bath! The jewel of Bath and North East Somerset

Jane Austen hated you (at least some have said)

But I love to be in Beau Nash’s party town

‘Cos when I’m with you I’ll never wear a frown.

Oh Bath I love your swinging nightlife best of all

Gonna shake my big ass at your  Literary Festival

And at the Theatre Royal I’ll get stuck into the melee

To see middle-aged luvvies who are famous from the tellee.

While your critics carp and chafe

That you’re middlebrow and safe

Snooty, menopausal and complacent

There’s nowhere else in Blighty

Where I’d rather take a high tea

Or be pampered in Spa waters phosphorascent.

Everything that’s in Bath is lovely, clean and gay

Except of course for Twerton, which we wish would go away

Be posh, or be bohemian, be arty, rich or crass

Be anything you like – just don’t be working class.

This is the Bath Preservation So-ci-ety (etc. Fade out).


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