Bristol myths again


Book your tickets now for a wee talk I’ll be doing at Arnos Vale Cemetery on local myths on the afternoon of April Fool’s Day. All the money goes to Arnos Vale, and not me. so that’s alright then.

I mean, if it’s a nice day, you can then spend some time before or after listening to me communing with dead Bristolians in this very remarkable place. Sounds good to me.

Book now! There’s not a minute to lose! If you do it now you won’t be able to forget about it, or change your mind, or remember you’re washing your hair that afternoon.


One Response to “Bristol myths again”

  1. Enjoyed this story – came to me via email from a friend in Canada. I ‘came of age’ shall we say, in 1939, 1940 thereabouts. Recall vividly Mr. Eden’s Sept.3 1939 call to arms. Lived in East Anglia. Well remember the units of black Americans around my village & Martlesham Air Base, as well as GI’s. At 15 -17 yrs. old bicycled back & forth to school and never, ever had problems with the Yanks, black or white. At 17, volunteered for the WRNS, got in at 17-1/2. Married a GI in 1944, he died in 1972
    Came out of Navy at end of hostilities. Still moving around here on the coast in Florence, Oregon.

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