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Is this thing switched on? <Tap! Tap!> OK. Here goes … Mah fellow Bristolians! As you know, the city is to hold a referendum on May 3 on whether or not it wants an elected mayor with executive powers or, if you’re a Post reader, a “Bristol Boris”. The people have been calling upon me […]

After 30 years almost to the day, Venue magazine will cease to be a print edition as of the next edition, out at the end of this month. It will continue as an online listings guide, and will provide the what’s on content for Northcliffe’s other titles locally, including the Evening Post, Bristol Observer and […]

Bristol’s very wonderful Redcliffe Press has just published BANKSY: THE BRISTOL LEGACY, a book about the 2009 Banksy show at the City Museum & Art Gallery. The exhibition attracted over 300,000 visitors and established, once and for all, that street art or graffiti, or whatever you call things painted on walls by people who don’t […]