Old Bristol movie binge!


Fancy spending a whole Sunday afternoon looking at films made in/around Bristol in the 1960s and 70s? ‘Course you do!

Then book now for this Bristol Festival of Ideas event. I’m going to be emceeing it, but that doesn’t have to put you off as there will also be guest speakers involved in the productions who’ll be introducing each film.

They’re actually old BBC productions from back in the day when the telly routinely made large numbers of one-off dramas of the kind they don’t do anymore, so whatever their artistic merits, each should also be an interesting little piece of social history. Or you can simply get off on seeing what the old place looked like back in the day.

I’ve not seen any of them yet (and don’t want to spoil my own fun on the day), but certainly Drums Along the Avon, with Leonard Rossiter blacking up to challenge the racism of his wife and neighbours has acquired a reputation. Lots of people half-remember it, or have heard about it, and this is a rare opportunity to actually see it. Of course it might turn out to be one of those well-meaning but ham-fisted 1970s-style satires of racism in the manner of that sitcom ‘Love Thy Neighbour’.

So do come along if you can. It’ll only be raining that afternoon anyway.


2 Responses to “Old Bristol movie binge!”

  1. 1 spamsucker

    I see they don’t list “The Medusa touch”. Phonies!

    • These are old BBC things. ‘Medusa Touch’ would be good sometime, as would little-seen Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme propaganda from early 1960s ‘Some People’ featuring Harry H. Corbett making an atrocious attempt at a Bristol accent.

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