Your city needs YOU


The Bristol Cultural Development Partnership (may its tribe increase) is planning a whole series of events and things for 2014, to tie in with the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. The big idea is to have books, talks, exhibitions, performances etc. focussed on Bristol and 20th century conflict, so it’s not just WW1, but WW2, Korean War, Cold War (which no-one ever thinks of as a proper shooting war, but it bloody well was in plenty of places) and more.

As it happens, the Big Stupid Project (Which Will Take Up A Load Of My Time And Make No Money But Sometimes You’ve Gotta Do What You Gotta Do) that I’m working on at the moment, is a history of 20th Century Bristol. So we have synergies here, oh yes.

One thing I’ve been spending a lot of time on is Bristol’s home front in WW1. This is intriguing stuff, all the more so when you come to a subject which you think you know a bit about and find that actually you knew next to nothing.

I’ve been dropping a few WW1 Bristol Home Front facts into the Bristol 2014 Facebook page. Go take a look if you fancy it, but more importantly, help them out with planning the 2014 stuff by filling in this here very brief and completely painless survey form.

The famous recruiting poster, by the way, was designed by Alfred Leete (1882-1933), who lived in Weston-super-Mare as a boy, and worked as a furniture designer in Bristol before going to London to make a career as an artist.


3 Responses to “Your city needs YOU”

  1. 1 Moses

    Somewhere I have a copy of a response to the council’s plans to bring the M32 right into the floating harbour, complete with maps of how the docks would be covered by a large motorway interchange. I think it’s from about 1973. Are you interested in seeing / copying it? I think that it marks the start of the fight-back against centralised big planning and “modernisation” in the city.

  2. That’s a very kind offer. Thanks very much. The scheme you mention was notorious at the time, and lives on in a sort of civic folk memory as the point at which Bristol stopped demolishing old things. As it happens, watch this space for a small but perfectly-formed announcment on this very matter sometime in the next month or two.

    • 3 Moses

      I look forwards to your announcement. Let me know if you want me to dig out the document.

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