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First, a note to whoever’s in charge of Bordeaux: We can fly direct to Bordeaux by EasyJet from Bedminster International in season. Flying home again, we get to Bordeaux Mérignac airport, which looks wonderful until you realise that they put EasyJet passengers in a windowless tin shed where three tasteless sandwiches, two coffees and a […]

See, in the olden days you’d write a press release, using a feather. Then you’d shout and a 12-year-old boy in your PR company’s resplendent livery would come rushing up, and you would tell him to take it, post-haste, to the editorial offices of the local newspaper, and if he did a good job there’d […]

In 1920, most people employed in the factories and offices of central Bristol worked on Saturdays. The lucky ones only had to work Saturday mornings, and were especially keen to knock off at lunchtime on Saturday October 2 1920. Despite the rain, which got worse as the day went on, large crowds gathered  outside the […]

Imagine, for the sake of argument, that you’ve recently moved into a new house. You’ve bought or rented, say, a Victorian house that you like a lot because it has “character”. Thing is, with only a few exceptions, most of us aren’t particularly curious about the previous occupants of our homes. I’m just as guilty. […]

Summer’s over (OK, never started). Everyone back to school, back to work. Just to see where it takes us (though it’s not like anyone but me should care) I hereby pledge to update blog twice a week minimum, with a lot of stuff on history, a bit of stuff on Bristol, and some occasional sf. […]