How modern PR works …


See, in the olden days you’d write a press release, using a feather. Then you’d shout and a 12-year-old boy in your PR company’s resplendent livery would come rushing up, and you would tell him to take it, post-haste, to the editorial offices of the local newspaper, and if he did a good job there’d be a bowl of lukewarm gruel and a farthing for his trouble. Job done. You could then repair to your club for the rest of the day and drink gin and arrack, and feast on the finest hams and pig’s nerves.

Now, though, with declining newspaper sales, and everyone going off to the internet, the poor PR person has to work a lot harder, even emailing press releases to bloggers saying things like: “Hi Eugene … We think your very interesting and often funny blog would be the perfect place to promote the campaign and hope you would consider giving us a mention.”

See that? Someone out there thinks this blog is very interesting. And often funny. So there.

But it’s tough on folks who have to grub around for publicity this way, flattering a collection of local bloggers, at least 40% of whom are middle-aged white men and 50% of whom are of questionable sanity (do the Venn diagram yourself). And none of whom can notch up the sort of page views that your local paper used to get in the 1970s. Or, ahem, even yesterday, actually.

Never mind. The campaign in question is a damn fine one, and I’m not just saying that because of the flattery. The state of much private rented housing in the country now is shocking. I eagerly await the Daily Mail campaign to shame the greedy landlords who are getting rich not just off the backs of those who can’t afford to buy, but off the backs of all of us whose taxes support housing benefits to pay extortionate rents. I hand you over to Shelter:

Help stamp out Rouge (that should be ‘Rogue’, I think. Ed.) Landlords in Bristol

Did you know one in five homes in Bristol are rented out by a private landlord? But more than a quarter of these homes don’t meet the Decent Homes Standard.  That means many renters in Bristol are being forced to live in unsafe and poor conditions.  On 15 November Bristol residents will elect their new Mayor. The new Mayor will have the power to improve rented homes in Bristol. Let’s make sure they do.

From the 25th-27th of October Shelter Bristol are running Bristol’s Rotten Homes, a pop up letting agency where you can see for yourself the scale of Rotten Homes in Bristol and voice your concerns about the terrible conditions.

Specialist advisers will be on hand at the Rotten Homes letting agency to give free housing advice so please let your friends, family, and colleagues know.

Can’t visit?

Please sign the petition here  and share your Rotten Homes stories with Shelter online at Tell them about experiences you or others you know have had and Shelter will share them with the Mayoral candidates.

Visit the lettings agency or sign the online petition and tell the new Mayor you want to see action. Together we can stamp out rogue landlords and make sure people have somewhere decent and safe to live.

The Rotten Homes letting agency is open, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 25th– 27th October from 10-5pm, Parlour Showrooms, 31/31a College Green Bristol BS1 5TB; you can view the map here Link


2 Responses to “How modern PR works …”

  1. “See that? Someone out there thinks this blog is very interesting. And often funny. So there.”

    You were most likely emailed by an automated PR spambot – possibly run by Housing Minister Greg Shapps – and they set the bar low.

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