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If you have ever been a kid, then the chances are that at some point or another you may have wondered whether or not history is a big lie. It’s a common enough youthful suspicion; that all that stuff about Henry VIII, Julius Caesar and the War of Austrian Succession has all been made up […]

According to various reports (here’s one), Education Secretary Michael Gove wants to remove Mary Seacole from the National Curriculum. So far, so predictable. Like most other Tories, Gove believes that school history lessons should be about Kings and Queens and the British Empire and probably the speeches of Winston Churchill and other great men (and […]

Personally I reckon that it’s high time the political right started calling for the return of the workhouse. I’ll write you the script: First, you get some think-tank to source and publish “research” that shows that by late Victorian times, the parish workhouse wasn’t nearly as awful as Dickens portrayed it a generation earlier. Then […]