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Things I did today pretending it was proper work department … What is now an industrial estate in Easton was once the site of the Bristol Waggon Company, and this is where the first caravan for recreational/holiday purposes was built, in the early 1880s. This was the brainchild of William Gordon Stables (1839?-1910). He was […]

Saturday Feb 9th is National Libraries Day. At the risk of sounding like some witless press release, have you been into your local library lately and seen just how good they are? Councillors and politicians up and down the land are busily closing libraries, often places which have been at the heart of their communities […]

The whole world’s going mad for Richard III today, since those bones in the car park have turned out to be his. This is my pretext for giving you my take on Richard. He gets a walk-on part in my critically-acclaimed (and commercially nondescript) novel Things Unborn (Earthlight, 2001). In the story, World War III […]

This week sees the publication in the United States of Darwin – A Graphic Biography, drawn by Simon Gurr and written by yours truly. Originally produced in the UK for the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth (and the 150th of the publication of Origin of Species), the US edition has been fully translated into American. […]