Americans! Buy this book twice!!


This week sees the publication in the United States of Darwin – A Graphic Biography, drawn by Simon Gurr and written by yours truly.

Originally produced in the UK for the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth (and the 150th of the publication of Origin of Species), the US edition has been fully translated into American. Which, for you Brits who’ve never had to do this sort of thing before is a surprisingly challenging task. More than just misspelling words like “colour” or “theatre”.

The only thing we want you to know about this is that it is a meticulously researched towering work of genius with frequent interludes of humour and is so compellingly readable that it hardly feels like education at all. If you have children between the ages of 8 and 92 you should consider buying a copy for them. If you do not at present have children, buy a copy just in case you somehow acquire some one day.

You may also wish to purchase a copy for yourself.

Thank you.

The U.S. National Center (sic.) for Science Education has put some preview pages here (PDF).

Here it is on the Smithsonian website.

Here it is on

Here it is on even though they are cynical tax-dodging opportunists.

And here is some proper science which proves – PROVES!!! – that comics are educational.

Aaannnd me being interviewed about it here.


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