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(Sigh!) <Old Fart mode> The £1 coin is currently celebrating its 30th birthday and I keep reading articles by people who really should no better, that it was “nicknamed” the “Maggie” – as in Thatcher – when it first went into circulation. No-one ever called it a Maggie in everyday conversation. It was a gag […]

My latest local book, Unbuilt Bristol is to be published on May 18. Most families will probably be able to get by with just three copies (one for the coffee table, one for reading in bed, one for the guest room) but don’t let that put you off buying more if you need to. Unbuilt […]

Bash the rich?


One of the more moronic tabloids once featured Ian Bone on its front page as THE MOST EVIL MAN IN BRITAIN. That would be going it a bit given all the competition from elsewhere. If, however, there were to be some contest to find the most obnoxious man in Britain, Bone would certainly poll heavily. […]

April 9th is it? That’s Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s birthday, that is. So in honour of the great engineer’s birthday let’s look at fish and chips. In my capacity as an Insufferable Smartarse, I am often approached by people who want to know who invented fish and chips.* The answer is: Isambard Kingdom Brunel. (Actually, it […]