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Are you ever SHAMED by your IGNORANCE of BRUNEL?

Do you ever find yourself EXCLUDED from the DINNER PARTY CONVERSATION because you know nothing of his GAZ ENGINE or cannot have an INFORMED DISCUSSION about the BROAD GAUGE?

Do you find your FACE REDDENING when your WEEKEND GUESTS ask you to explain the PRINCIPLES behind the SUSPENSION BRIDGE?


Are you seeking an ANGLE to FILL SPACE or AIRTIME for the ONGOING STORY about the collapse of the TRAIN LINES at DAWLISH?


Ever wondered that that THING he HAD GOING with the HAT was about?


Did you ever wonder why your FELLOW CITIZENS voted Isambard Kingdom Brunel the SECOND GREATEST BRIT OF ALL TIME in a BBC poll in 2002?


Want to know how MARC BRUNEL, a French engineer, inventor and ASYLUM SEEKER went about TIGER-PARENTING* his boy Isambard to TURN HIM into a HIGHLY-EFFECTIVE ADULT?


How would you like to KNOW MORE about one of the greatest ENGINEERS in HISTORY, a man who had STYLE and SHOWMANSHIP in SPADES, who pioneered RAILWAYS and took time out to build the FIRST REAL MODERN SHIPS, a guy who could knock up a FLAT-PACK HOSPITAL with one hand while designing the WEIRD-LOOKING ROYAL ALBERT BRIDGE with the other?

If your answer to any of the above was:

“Hell, yeah!”

“Probably” or,

“Oh, I suppose so.” …

Then you need your own personal copy of


The latest book by Eugene Byrne

This is a quick and painless guide to the life and times of IKB. It tells you all about Brunel and his dad, and all his brilliant, visionary schemes, the triumphs and failures. It has loads of stories which people used to tell one another about Brunel, but which aren’t necessarily true, because that’s the kind of larger-than-life geezer he was.

It’s published by the History Press in their new POCKET GIANTS series and costs £6.99.

This is a trivial price to pay for all the future social prestige you will enjoy from knowing your Brunel. If I were selling them in the street I don’t doubt you’d hand over a £20 note and invite me to keep the change.

More details here.

Me talking to BBC History magazine about it here (2nd half of podcast).

Amazon page here.

(* He wouldn’t have used the expression “Tiger Mom” or “Tiger Dad” as it wasn’t in vogue at the time. Also, he was French, and since the emblematic French animal is the Gallic cock, we’re not going there.)


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  1. I found myself having just such a conversation about track gauges with my pal Andy as we stood on the platform at Lisbon station and all thanks to Mr Byrne

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