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Cah. Start out with the best of intentions and then you get sidetracked. Not looked at or done anything with the blog since the summer. So you come back and see that 19 comments are pending and waiting approval. And they all say how marvellous this blog is and how much they love what “you […]

Next year sees the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War. The chatter over how this should be marked has already started. There’s no point putting any links in here. You can Google the debate easily enuff, with government ministers, historians and assorted pundits all offering various views. These basically split into […]

I officially become editor of the Post’s Bristol Times this week, following the retirement of Gerry Brooke. He’ll be a hard act to follow as he really does know everything about Bristol’s history. BT is the Bristol Post’s local history/nostalgia section and it’s in the middle of the paper every Tuesday. This week’s includes articles […]

A couple of years back Bristol was covered in life-size fibreglass gorillas, all of which were done out in different colours. Everyone loved the gorillas. Children got all excited whenever they spotted one, and even adults could be seen traipsing all over town to tick off every one of the 61 primates on the list. […]

Pope’s Bulls


Doing the old tall tales & urban legends walk Sunday week for the Bristol Civic Society. Your money goes towards making Bristol more lovely, and not towards making my bank balance more lovely, so cough up. Just for a gratuitous plug, here be one of my favourite Bristol seafaring yarns, yarr, belike (etc.). Even though […]

‘Some People’ is out on DVD on May 20th. It’s not been on telly that often, and is unlikely to feature in anyone’s top 100, or even top 1000, greatest movies of all time, but it’s an interesting little piece of social history. It’s also a real treat for Bristol history spods, and indeed older […]

The UK Independence Party (UKIP) made spectacular gains in this week’s local elections. But not in Bristol. Some are wetting their knickers over the idea that this is the start of a new era of four-party politics. It so isn’t, you know. It’s ushering in an era that’ll deprive the Conservative party of votes and […]