The author, pictured yesterday.

Journalist and copywriter based in Bristol. Into local news and issues, plus SW heritage tourism and history of everything, everywhere, ever.

Serious professional bit: Everyone needs a historian sooner or later. I know history. What I don’t know I know how to research. And then write about.

Occasionally write books. Three sf novels, three graphic works (biogs of Darwin and Brunel and a history of Bristol) and a few smaller books, mostly about history.

This here is my blog. I also have a website where I archive old articles and stories which might be of interest to the wider world at http://www.eugenebyrne.co.uk


13 Responses to “About”

  1. 1 ben

    Hi Eugene,

    I don’t suppose you could stick up a link to a new website I’ve been developing on behalf of a group of local charities that goes live on Monday 26th July – advicewest.org.uk.

    It’s a directory of advice agencies in and around Bristol that give free confidential high-quality legal advice – now its built I need to spread the word!



  2. I can’t believe you omitted The Truth from your potted biog, Mr B. Satirical mag, late 80s… I wrote for it too and came across your byline in it recently while mucking out the dog’s cage. I work up at Bristol Uni now… small world (but wouldn’t want to paint it, etc).

    • Hi Nick! There are so many things missed out from the biog … I remember The Truth well. It was great in bits, wasn’t it? I shall, of course, treasure that “I came across your byline when mucking out the dog’s cage”.

  3. 5 karen

    Enjoyed reading your info about Clifton Suspension Bridge. Pleased to see reference to turnip stunt! Zanetto was George Bale, my great great uncle, one of the Zanettos juggling act made up of Bale brothers. To see many photos of the Zanettos look at http://www.theroyalzanettos.com

  4. 7 CMcF

    Must meet for a pint sometime – I guess this is graffiti

  5. 8 Eloise

    Hi Eugene,

    I am currently collecting information on the ‘Bristol Blitz’ for my university dissertation. The current angle i’m aiming to take is on the notion of displacement and its effects on morale in the Bristolian community. I came across your article and extensive map of Blitz sites, which highlighted extensive amounts of research. I was just wondering if you could direct a hopeless student towards good sources of information and primary sources that I would be able to include in my project.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I appreciate you are a busy man!
    Many thanks.


    • Hi Eloise
      Books: There are a number in the local section down your library. Couple of suggestions – ‘Bristol Blitz: The Untold Story’ by Helen Reid is good on the censorship and secrecy. See also ‘Bristol Under Siege’ by the same author. ‘Bristol Blitz Diary’ by John Dike is also useful. For a (sanitised) oral history, get ‘Bristol Siren Nights’ by the Rev. S. Paul Shipley.
      Web: You’ll find Fishponds Local History Soc website extremely useful, especially the material by John Penny at http://fishponds.org.uk/index.html This man knows his stuff; see his source list especially.
      Archives: For morale, Mass Observation is the obvious start. I assume you can query the archive for Bristol material, but I’ve never used it myself. You’ll need to go to Brighton for this. http://www.massobs.org.uk/index.htm
      For Bristol archives, it’s well worth asking at the Bristol Record Office what they have that may be of relevance. The minutes of the Council’s Watch Committee, for instance, might have some useful material. You should also ask at the Reference Library in the Central Library; they have astonishing amounts of printed matter, and the staff are always very helpful.

  6. 10 Ray

    Hi Eugene, I don’t suppose there are any plans to release ThigMoo or any of your other books digitally, or as audiobooks?
    I have lost count of how many times I have had to buy ThiGMOO from not getting loaned copies returned 😉

  7. 12 raymond thomson

    Hi Eugene,
    I am visiting from Australia and just read your piece on White City. My earliest photograph is of me being carried into the place by my mother at the front of the procession of squatters. Front page, Evening Post. My uncle smuggled a mattress through the fence into the Commanders office to meet her there!

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